Benefits for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Attainment of competitive employment as a result of the certificate program
  • Increased independent living skills as a result of dormitory living
  • Enhanced socialization as a result of increased peer interactions and extracurricular opportunities
  • Academic enrichment


Benefits for General Population
  • There are enhanced practicum and service learning opportunities for college students who are pursuing careers in psychology, physical therapy, nursing, and special education because of the built-in interaction with the students with intellectual disabilities.
  • Social opportunities to interact with people who are different from them, just as they get now with others from different cultures, races, and religions.


Benefits to Colleges
  • Ability to show they serve an under-represented group and demonstrate a commitment to serve non-traditional students.
  • Opportunity for positive public and media attention for exemplary service delivery systems at the state and national level.
  • Opportunity to partner with local secondary school system personnel on research topics related to educational materials, supports, and student outcomes.
  • Increase in enrollment dollars.