Ms. Mardula has dedicated her career to working in the field of Special Education.  She currently serves as the Special Education Advisor for the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Ms. Mardula earned her Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy, Mount Aloysius Jr. College, and a Baccalaureate and Masters Program in Special Education at Mansfield University.  She began her career at the PA Department of Education in Federal Projects.  She has served as a Program Director, Children’s Care Center 1980-1995, Deputy Superintendent Vision Quest Education PA 1995-1997.  She also served Special Education Advisor, BSE/PDE Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to School District of Philadelphia, State Transition Leadership Team, 21st Century After School Programs Advisory Board, RENEW, Interagency Workforce Development children and youth, Advisory Board Hiring Students with Disabilities, Prevention of Bullying and Homelessness Liaison 1997-present.