A Step by Step Guide to the College D.R.E.A.M

Think College is an initiative of the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at the University of Massachusetts Boston, funded by federal grants focused on postsecondary education for people with intellectual disabilities.  They provide services and supports in four core areas:

  • Coordination: Serves as the National Coordinating Center for the 27 federally-funded Transition Postsecondary Education Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (TPSID) projects.
  • Training and Technical Assistance: Provides training and technical assistance through on-line learning modules, webinars, face to face training, and publications.
  • Dissemination: Develops, collects and shares resources related to postsecondary education for students with intellectual disabilities. Thinkcollege.net provides information about college programs that are available, an online searchable Resource Library as well as information about what is happening at the state level. Think College e-News is also published quarterly.
  • Research: Conducts research on current and promising practices that support individuals with intellectual disabilities to gain access to and be successful in inclusive postsecondary education, including conducting evaluation of the TPSID projects.

LIFE Learning Is For Everyone: The True Story of How South Carolina Came to be a Leader in Providing Opportunities for Postsecondary Education to Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities by Donald Bailey (Book)

Think College: Postsecondary Education Options for Students with Intellectual Disabilities by Meg Grigal Ph.D. (Book)

Federal Student Aid for students with Intellectual Disabilities

We Connect Now is a higher education and employment resource for students with disabilities.

Navigating College is a self-advocacy handbook written by autistic adults. You may download the PDF here.