People chose college after high school for many reasons. They may want a job that requires a college education. They may not be sure what you want to do next, and college will help them identify their career path. They may want to go to because all of their friends are going, and to meet people and gain independence from their family. Any of these reasons is a good reason to go to college. A college experience is good for anyone who wants to learn, meet people, and prepare for a job, and learn how to live independently. Students with Intellectual Disabilities want to enjoy the same opportunities.

Check out this advice from students who have experienced college . This is a great resource to help students feel more comfortable about their decision. Share it with the students and families you know.

Think College Island is an excellent easy-to-use planning tool for students to use as they prepare for life after High School. Be sure to share this with all students who are going through the transition process.

While there are limited options available in PA, we are working to change that. Meanwhile, search the array of options available nationwide.